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Published on Tuesday, 21 August 2012 13:15
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  FeesPerformanceTeachingDirectionExam FeesPracticalLevelFee
      Grade 1 3,100 THB
      Grade 2 4,100 THB
      Grade 3 4,300 THB
      Grade 4 5,100 THB
      Grade 5 5,200 THB
      Grade 6 6,000 THB
      Grade 7 6,700 THB
      Grade 8 7,900 THB
      Grade 1 1,380 THB
      Grade 2 1,560 THB
      Grade 3 1,700 THB
      Grade 4 2,230 THB
      Grade 5 2,400 THB
      Grade 6 3,050 THB
      Grade 7 3,230 THB
      Grade 8 3,490 THB
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      Primary 6,000 THB 
      Intermediate 6,700 THB 
      Advanced 7,900 THB 
  Prep TestLevelFee
      Prep Test 2,700 THB 
  Performance AssessmentLevelFee
      Performance Assessment 5,200 THB
      All fees are payable in advance and must be forwarded with the entry forms.Diploma FeesDiploma Fees2005 SyllabusDetailsDipABRSM
      PerformanceComplete exam13,300 THB42,400 THB62,200 THB
      TeachingComplete exam with no substituted component13,300 THB42,400 THB62,200 THB
      with Written Submission substituted12,000 THB38,200 THB56,000 THB
      DirectionComplete exam with no substituted component13,300 THB42,400 THB62,200 THB
      with Arrangement substituted12,000 THB38,200 THB56,000 THB
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